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The TLP team has 75 years of combined experience in managing over 100 MSF of properties and two public REITs.

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Brendan Sheahan

Vice President, Market Officer

Brendan Sheahan is Vice President, Market Officer. In his pivotal role, Mr. Sheahan is responsible for the overall performance of the Chicago portfolio and the capital deployment in the Chicago industrial market, playing a key part in shaping the company's growth and success in this region.

Beyond his core responsibilities, Mr. Sheahan manages third-party leasing personnel, maintaining relationships with existing and future customers within the portfolio. He assists the management team in formulating and implementing overall fund strategy, focused on optimizing the current and future Chicago portfolios' value.

Before joining Tradelane, Mr. Sheahan spent over a decade as an industrial broker at Darwin Realty / CORFAC International, where he became a Principal of the firm. This extensive experience has equipped him with profound knowledge of industrial real estate, particularly in the Chicago market.

Mr. Sheahan is a proud alumnus of the University of Wisconsin - Madison: Wisconsin School of Business, where he earned a BBA with a double major in Real Estate & Urban Land Economics and Risk Management & Insurance. His academic background and professional experience position him to deliver significant results for Tradelane Properties.

Serving the Chicago market, Mr. Sheahan brings commitment, expertise, and deep industry connections to his role at Tradelane, driving value and growth for the company.

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