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The TLP team has 75 years of combined experience in managing over 100 MSF of properties and two public REITs.

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Elena Salazar

Director of Property Management

Elena Salazar is the esteemed Director of Property Management at Tradelane Properties, a position she has held with distinction since 2019. She initially joined the Tradelane team as a Property Manager and has since ascended to her current role due to her exceptional competence and dedication.

As the Director of Property Management, Ms. Salazar is responsible for managing the entirety of Tradelane Properties' industrial building portfolio. She focuses on the financial performance of the properties while simultaneously fostering tenant relationships with a steadfast emphasis on customer service. Her role involves promptly assessing tenant needs, addressing issues efficiently, and providing solutions. She also excels at maintaining communication between tenants and contractors throughout various projects.

Prior to joining Tradelane Properties, Ms. Salazar gained valuable industry experience working with DCT Industrial, adding a wealth of knowledge to her repertoire that she now applies to her work at Tradelane.

Ms. Salazar is a proud alumna of Western Michigan University, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree. Her academic and professional journey reflects her commitment to excellence in property management, contributing significantly to the success of Tradelane Properties.

TradeLane Properties

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