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The TLP team has 75 years of combined experience in managing over 100 MSF of properties and two public REITs.

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Lisa Zimmerman

Property Manager (Cincinnati)

Lisa Zimmerman is a consummate professional in the real estate industry, serving as a Property Manager at Tradelane Properties since 2023. Over her 15-year career, she has developed an impressive breadth and depth of experience in multifamily property management and even entrepreneurship as a concrete construction business owner.

Mrs. Zimmerman is proficient in managing day-to-day property operations, including rent collection, maintenance coordination, and property inspections. She prides herself on maintaining properties to meet or exceed industry standards.

A skilled financial manager, Mrs. Zimmerman excels in budgeting, financial reporting, and expense management. She has a proven track record of maximizing property revenue and minimizing costs to enhance profitability.

In addition to these responsibilities, she prioritizes building positive relationships with tenants and property owners, swiftly addressing their concerns, and providing exceptional customer service. With a solution-oriented mindset, she tackles challenges head-on and employs critical thinking skills to find creative and effective solutions.

She has served various markets, including Cincinnati, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Denver, Miami, and Texas. Mrs. Zimmerman studied at Lamar University, furthering her knowledge and skills in the real estate field.

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