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The TLP team has 75 years of combined experience in managing over 100 MSF of properties and two public REITs.

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Brooke Krzyston

Accounting Manager

Brooke Krzyston joined Tradelane Properties as Accounting Manager in 2023. In her role, Ms. Krzyston leads and executes full-cycle accounting activities, ensuring accurate and efficient financial operations across the firm.

Aside from her primary responsibilities, she assists with accounts payable, accounts receivable, and cash management functions. She also plays a crucial role in compiling and reviewing monthly financial packets, reinforcing the company's commitment to transparency and accuracy in its financial dealings.

Before joining Tradelane, Ms. Krzyston spent over a decade honing her real estate and property management skills. She has significant experience in overseeing property accounting across various types of commercial real estate, including residential, retail, and industrial.

Ms. Krzyston holds a Bachelor's degree in Accounting from Northern Illinois University and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Strayer University. These credentials and her extensive industry experience equip her with a well-rounded perspective on financial management within the real estate sector.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Ms. Krzyston demonstrates her dedication to community service through her volunteer work with a local Dog Rescue organization during her time off. This commitment reflects her personal values and adds another dimension to her role at Tradelane.

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